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Ella Rose Farm

Field Grown Garden Roses - Specifically Chosen for my Event Clients

Ella Rose is our small, family owned, garden rose farm in Fallbrook, CA (Fallbrook is a small agricultural community, just east of Oceanside). We broke ground 5 years ago, and have been in full production for almost 4 years. My main purpose for starting the farm was to provide my clients with the freshest and most beautiful field grown garden roses. We've expanded so much that we now sell to designers across the country.

When I sat down to figure out what varieties to grow at Ella Rose Farm, I thought about my clients and what they love. I thought about what would make their weddings shine, what rose would make my bride feel special because I specifically saved and cut them just for her. All of that led me to countless hours of scouring the internet, talking to local farm supply and irrigation stores, weeding through gardening forums, in the attempt to grow the best varieites of cut roses for event work.

Our field is now full of gorgeous garden roses in tones of taupe, cream, blush, pink, peach, coral, etc. We grow climbers specifically for large install pieces, so they can drape out of an urn, or cascade off a ceremony altar. There are the most beautiful English Garden style roses for classic bridal bouquets. Or large fluffy faced hybrids that work perfectly in a more boho styled event. Each rose I chose, I could visualize in a wedding. And it's been amazing to see it come to fruition.

I have been known to cut my entire field for one of my weddings, sometimes as a complete surprise to my clients. Which is a perk for my brides that no other designer has access to. My clients are first on the list when it comes to getting the varieties they love most. Since we're located in such an amazing climate, we even have roses for our December brides. So for almost 9 months of the year, my clients have first choice when it comes to what we grow. That is one of the many reasons they can rest assured that their garden design filled dreams will come true when working with Oak & the Owl and Ella Rose.