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Wife  +  Mother  +  Designer  +  Flower Farmer

My life is full. Full of joy, so much love, pretty consistent laughter, crazy event schedules, roses (so many roses), mellow time with my family, and lots and lots of flowers. I believe in beautiful and romantic events, where flowers and timeless design take center stage. My clients are flower lovers, who understand the importance they have in pulling an event together. They appreciate classic design, with touches of modern elements, and moments of surprise where their guests’ breath are taken away. And they know they can trust me to take their beginning vision and turn it into something more amazing than they ever expected.


My background is in fine art (painting), interior design, and business - all degrees I received while living in the Bay Area. While I was in undergrad, I worked at a flower shop in Oakland, CA, where we did events, as well as day to day retail. And that is where my love of flowers came from. I worked there for over 7 years, then left to puruse Interior Design. I worked in several design firms around the Bay after getting my degree in 2008, all while still doing flowers on the side. When I moved to Southern CA, and started working on events here, I found a world where I could mix both of my backgrounds seamlessly. My experience in interiors guides my event design, & along with florals, I get to live my dream.


I never expected, or looked, to become a flower farmer. It was a sort of far off day dream I had, if I made a million dollars, or if I lived in some alternate reality (like making a million dollars), I could fantasize about having a field of roses. I once spent a New Years Eve, way before Ella was even thought of, looking through a rose catalogue, envisioning what varieties I would choose (I think I IG'd that night, so long ago). Well, with my parents, that dream somehow came true. I shouldn't say somehow, it was a lot of time, money, and grueling physical and emotional work. Even with all that though, I still can't believe Ella Rose Farm came to fruition, or that we actually grow and sell beautiful roses around the country. And that my designs are so much better because of them. But here I am, part time farmer, full time designer. While I manage the farm, I'm still deep in the field work, cutting, processing, shipping, delivering, etc. With our team of 3 amazing, and incredibly hard working women, my parents and my husband, we run an operation where I can step back from the farm when I have events. It can be a tricky balance, but it's so worth it. All that time in the field has made me a better designer, a better business owner, and a better person. There's no work quite like farming.


I've been blessed with the most beautiful mixed family, one I never saw coming. I'm newly married as of February 2017, and along with quite honestly, the best husband in the world, I have an awesome new son as well. So Bass now has a brother, and we have a complete and joyous household, that also includes our cat, Mr. Bates. My parents are right down the road, and I don't know how life could get better. I count my lucky stars daily.


Thank you for visiting Oak & the Owl, and taking some time getting to know me. I can't wait to meet you and see what we can create together. Welcome to Oak & the Owl!